2007-10-28 11:41:47 by weebsl

I've been busy I guess with the new series and its going kinda slow due to voice actors anyways if you haven't seen the trailer go here Never Forgotten Teaser Allso I was in a collab yesterday and make sure to vote 5 it came out really good I think 2 Hour Time Trial Collab hope you guys like that :D and that is 3 submissions in one month :D Happy Halloween everyone :D I used alot of smiley faces *SMILEY FACE*

Edit: I deleted Mr. Carrot and Never Forgotten Teaser because I didn't feel like they should be on NG but you can still watch them here Deviantart account

Never Forgotten Series

2007-10-14 20:38:12 by weebsl

I've been working on a series called Never Forgotten. I have an image below. Its going really well right now I have at least 30 seconds done with the intro and thats going to be at least 2 minutes or so. Next, I'm going to find some voice actors who are interested in the job of being a voice in the series and start episode 1. This series ,if it ever gets done, will be a pretty legit series and maybe go up to be one of the best but thats for you to decide. Once you look at the pic below just tell me what you think of this its going to be a vampire series. I originally wanted it to be a zombie but then I forgot about Xzombie so I was like no. I also before you look at the pic I want you to take a look at my friend clay infernos post. Him and I are working on a game called Twisted Metal- Flash Attack. Also, take a look at his Electra Snap Game its pretty cool so far with the style he's using and programming. If the pic below doesn't work just look at it here.


Never Forgotten Series Poster Look at it